About M5

What M5™ can do for your business:

We are often asked, "What do you do?" The short answer is, we help our Dealership, OEM, and Corporate clients improve their business in the parts, service and collision centers of their fixed operations. We have extensive experience in every area of fixed operations with the exception of the actual technical training. Our core strength is our ability to offer our clients real world proven techniques and concepts that work.

Our personal experience in coaching fixed operations professionals has gained us a unique perspective. We have worked with service operations that range from 3 technicians to more than 150 technicians. Our client list spans the industry from individually owned dealerships to large, private, and publicly held operations. We have served as project managers from small to large programs, with most of the major OEM brands. We have accomplished positive results for all of them, based on two basic premises.

  • There is no "one way" to operate anything in fixed operations!
  • Everything we do must be challenged to find a better way!

All dealerships are different and must be provided with options to improve performance. Our belief is: "Make the personnel of the dealership informed business people and allow them to select which technique will best suit their situation. Give them the pros and cons of each technique and move forward."

For more information about M5, visit our main website at http://www.m5ms.com